What characters do you currently offer?

We currently offer character performances as Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Mermaid Princess, Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Rapunzel, Polynesian Princess, Arabian Princess, Woman of Wonder, Tinker Fairy, (Summer or Winter) Fairy Facepainter, Unicorn Facepainter, Spider Hero, Bat Hero, Galactic Girl, Galactic Knight, Jo-Jo Lookalike, Easter Bunny, Troll Princess, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse.

Are you affiliated with any major company?

No, we are not affiliated with any major company. We are not even a franchised or chain business! Once Upon a Dream Performances is a grass roots idea developed from Katie's hard work and creativity. As such, it is to be noted that our princess characters are taken from classic fairy tales written by literary icons like the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, etc. We take great care in making sure our characters have their own looks and mannerisms.

What happens when you reserve a character?

There are several important factors that we use to determine the performance choices for your party or special event: the length of time reserved,; the age range and number of the children present; and the theme of the party. Each performance is carefully tailored to meet your needs! We will use a variety of appropriate songs, games, stories and activities to keep your young guests captivated. If the party is for a birthday, the birthday child will receive their own gift to keep!

What does the timeline of party events typically look like?

A half hour character performance may look like this:

  • 15 minutes of greeting guests with a song, and a story or game

  • 15 minutes for coronation of the birthday girl and individual pictures with each party guest

An hour character performance may look like this:

  • 15 minutes of greeting guests and singing

  • 15 minutes of appropriate activity (story, game or other activity)

  • 15 minutes of appropriate activity (story, game, or other activity)

  • 15 minutes for coronation of the birthday girl and individual pictures with each guest

I have my own games I would like the character to lead. Is this possible?

Of course! We are happy to lead any activity that you specifically request at the time of reservation. We can also help cut and serve cake, lead the unwrapping of birthday presents and any other party activity. Please note any special request you have when reserving your character.

Do you offer any other professional services?

Yes! We are happy to have multiple photographers on staff, as well as face-painters and balloon twisters! See our Packages page for more details on how you can add these exciting services to your event!

What is a good age to have a character come to my child's party?

Typically children within the age range of 3-6 respond the best with a visit from a character. Although our performances are always tailored to suit the needs of the children no matter how old or young!

Do you have a guest maximum?

Yes, and no! If you are using any of our professional services such as face painting and balloon twisting, the guest maximum per face painter or balloon twister is 12. It is also to be noted that the birthday child and other guests will have a much better experience with a 12 to 1 ratio of children to princesses. If your participating guest count does exceed 12 and you have only 1 character coming, we would HIGHLY suggest adding a second character to aid in a more interactive experience.

Can I invite boys and girls to the party?

Yes! Our activities will keep both both and girls entertained!

Do you service outside of Rockford?

We only offer our services in the greater Rockford area. This would include Rockford, Roscoe, Rockton, Belvidere, Machesney Park, and Loves Park. All other locations will be considered on a case by case basis and may incur extra travel fees.

We are having my child's birthday at a location outside the home. Do you offer your services at other locations?

Yes, we are happy to offer our services at locations other than your home. This may include but is not limited to: restaurants, gymnastic centers, museums, social halls, etc. However, keep in mind that our characters do sing and read stories and play games which requires ample room and a relatively quiet space.

My child already had his/her birthday. Can we have a character come to the house for a regular visit?

Of course! Sometimes the "regular" visits are even more fun than the birthday performances! How fun would it be to just invite a character over for tea or a superhero for a training session? We can meet just about any need you may think of!

Should I tell my child that you are coming to visit for their birthday?

That all depends on your child's temperament. Some children are disconcerted by such large surprises. If that is the case with your child it may be helpful to tell them of the character's coming a few days before the party to help them mentally prepare. Other children may absolutely love the surprise, and it would eat away at their patience to know beforehand. We do ask that you make us aware of whether or not your child is knowledgeable of the performer's coming. This helps the performer prepare for the initial meeting with the child.

what can I do to ensure the party is amazing and memorable?

Great question with a simple answer! Enjoy the party and the characters for yourself! The more involved you are as adults, the more comfortable the children will be interacting with the special guests. We also suggest small things like: provide ample room for the characters to dance and play games and please keep the environment quiet so the children can hear the characters when they speak.

Can I have a bounce house and other activities at the party while the character is performing?

Birthdays parties are supposed to be FUN! We encourage the bounce houses, the dancing, the food: however your family celebrates! But we have seen if there are too many other activities to do while a character is there, the children are less interested in interacting with the performer. So if you have a bounce house, consider deflating it while the character is there (or keeping it outside and the character and children inside). Other things like turning off radios, TVs, etc. can greatly help children to focus on the magic!

Do you accept tips?

While tips are not expected, they are appreciated. If you feel your performers did an extra magical job, feel free to show them appreciation through a tip! If offering a tip, we do ask you hand it in an envelope or to the assistant at the party. To keep character integrity in front of the children, we do not want them to see any kind of money hand off to the characters.